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Our Mission

At BioSource, our ethos is simple: we make.

We make cultures. For nearly a quarter century, BioSource has been a trusted name in manufacturing lactic cultures for countless applications throughout the food, human and animal health, and agriculture industries. All our strains are grown in-house and on-site at our SQF-certified fermentation plant, so we can ensure that our products are consistently of the highest quality.

We make existing products better. With our focus on product improvement, we are constantly raising industry benchmarks in strain potency, stability, and purity. Through our Custom Strain Optimization program, we use our expertise to improve the potency, stability, and manufacturing efficiency of your proprietary strains. We are more than a manufacturer: our lifeblood is R&D.

Most importantly, we make our customers happy. We understand that each customer has unique needs that a “one size fits all” product listing cannot solve. Our team of dedicated microbiologists, fermentation specialists, and quality experts work with you individually to tailor a singular, scientifically backed product specific to your requirements. Our firm belief is that communication is key to excellent customer service.


Custom-tailored strains and culture blends to solve your unique challenges


High-potency, high-stability lactic strains and blends with well-researched health and immune support benefits.


Direct-Fed Microbial cultures specially selected to improve the health and performance of livestock and aquaculture without the use of antibiotics.

Pet Food

Probiotic strains targeted specifically for their digestive benefits, immune support, and nutritive value to companion animals.

Meat Processing

Specialty cultures & blends to improve the consistency and quality of dry and semi-dry sausage production.

Agriculture & Silage

Cultures to boost nutrient levels and increase bunk life in forage. An all-natural alternative to pesticides to reduce crop spoilage.


Specialty cultures and multi-culture blends selected to improve the consistency, quality, and longevity of sourdough-type breads and baked items.


Specialty lactic culture strains selected to improve the fermentation, taste, and health advantages of cheeses, yogurts, and other dairy products.


Specialty cultures selected to improve wine taste and quality by controlling the malolactic fermentation and reducing the risk of spoilage cultures.


Available as individual strains or in multi-strain blends manufactured to your chosen concentration. Available as Kosher, Non-Allergenic, Gluten-Free, GMO-Free, and suitable for organic and vegan status. More strains may be available upon request.









Taking your strain from concept to commercial scale

Our customers constantly inspire us. This is especially true when they discover a unique strain with tangible benefits to the world at large. We also know that each strain has distinct nuances that affect its growth on a commercial scale. From creating the ideal mix of media ingredients, to maximizing the strain density, to finding the right lyophilization parameters—perfecting each step of the production process is vital to creating a commercially viable product.
At BioSource, our passionate team of microbiologists, researchers, and fermentation specialists will develop the ideal production process to optimize your strain’s viability and stability. When you succeed, we succeed, and we are committed to delivering to you a product that will stand out in the marketplace.

DNA Fingerprint

Upon receipt of your strain, we run a DNA fingerprint using our in-house Riboprinter to identify and to guarantee that the end-product you receive is the same strain that we started with.

Media Optimization

Leaning on our expertise growing a variety of cultures, we experiment with a range of carbon sources, nitrogen sources, minerals, and growth temperatures to devise the perfect growth media for your strain.


All along the way, our dedicated R&D team will stay in close communication with you on your project: answering your questions with honesty, delivering regular status reports, and providing you with proven insights needed to make your product a success.

Lyophilization Optimization

We develop an exclusive cryoprotectant formula for your strain to withstand the lyophilization process and freeze drying protocols to maximize the end-product’s viability and stability.

Pilot Production

Finally, the rubber hits the road when we produce your strain in pilot fermentation tanks to mirror commercial-scale production and deliver a freeze-dried product sample of the highest quality.