The human health and nutrition market is ever-growing, with a steady stream of scientific research on the necessity of maintaining the proper balance of microflora throughout the human body.
With our proprietary fermentation technology, continuous research and development, and flexible production capacity, BioSource manufactures a variety of high-stability, high-potency lactic strains and strain blends to give you the edge in the marketplace.

Give your probiotics a boost!

BioSource probiotics take full advantage of probiotics’ immune benefits by enhancing our cultures with maximum levels of MicroRNA: molecules within the cell that give probiotic cultures their ability to support a healthy immune response.

Standard fermentation methods cause the culture to lose most of its MicroRNA. However, through BioSource’s exclusive MicroRNA enhancement technology, we retain the MicroRNA within the culture’s cell wall and cell membrane and allow the probiotic to provide maximum immune support. Our MicroRNA levels are assayed and provided as an add-on to our standard probiotics.

BioSource has developed unique media formulations, cryoprotection and lyophilization methods to ensure maximum potency and shelf-life of your product. Please contact us to receive more information on our product specifications.

With our in-house blending and packaging, BioSource can customize your product to your desired potency and pack size.

We also offer the ability to manufacture multi-strain blends, giving you a turnkey solution to producing a uniquely beneficial product.

Why not make every component of your product beneficial? As an alternative to standard inert carriers (i.e. maltodextrin, dextrose, microcrystalline cellulose), BioSource offers you the option to use functional phytonutrients (fruit and vegetable powders) and prebiotics (inulin, FOS) as your blending excipient, providing additional health value to your probiotic product.

At over 100,000 L of total fermentation capacity, BioSource’s manufacturing plant can gear up to whatever product quantities you demand. The size of our individual fermenters ranges from 50 – 2000 gallons, giving us the flexibility to run fermentations for orders large and small. We are committed to serving all of our customers, regardless of their size.

Our SQF-certified, FSMA-compliant manufacturing plant, and rigorous quality testing, ensure that you will always receive a clean, safe product.

It is essential to meet the health requirements of your end consumer. All our probiotic strains are non-allergenic, gluten-free, non-GMO, Kosher, and contain no animal products.

We manufacture a full library of probiotic strains with well-researched health, immune response, and nutritional benefits that have been proven in the marketplace.

BioSource makes cultures to match your specific, custom strain at your desired potency. The probiotic cultures we already manufacture include:

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