Cultures For Wine


Choosing the right culture strain to control your malolactic fermentation is more important than ever due to evolving winemaking preferences (i.e. higher pH levels, lower S02, higher alcohol content) and concerns such as biogenic amines. Uncontrolled malolactic fermentation or wild lactic acid bacteria often diminish varietal and fruit flavors, reduce esters, mask aromas, and produce off characters. BioSource offers custom cultures to minimize these risks and improve your wine quality.

BioSource has developed unique media formulations, cryoprotection and lyophilization methods to ensure maximum potency and shelf-life of your product. Please contact us to receive more information on our product specifications.

Our baking cultures are available in either freeze-dried powder or flash-frozen liquid formats.

With our in-house blending and packaging, BioSource can customize your product to your desired potency and pack size.

We also offer the ability to manufacture multi-strain blends, giving you a turnkey solution to producing a uniquely beneficial product.

At over 100,000 L of total fermentation capacity, BioSource’s manufacturing plant can gear up to whatever product quantities you demand. The size of our individual fermenters ranges from 50 – 2000 gallons, giving us the flexibility to run fermentations for orders large and small. We are committed to serving all of our customers, regardless of their size.

Our SQF-certified, FSMA-compliant manufacturing plant, and rigorous quality testing, ensure that you will always receive a clean, safe product.

It is essential to meet the health requirements of your end consumer. All our probiotic strains are non-allergenic, gluten-free, non-GMO, Kosher, and contain no animal products.

BioSource makes cultures to match your specific, custom strain at your desired potency. The malolactic cultures we already manufacture include:

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